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It all started one day during kindergarten show-and-tell. Other kids brought toys, stuffed animals and various pets. Andy brought the single, “I Like Bananas” on vinyl and proceeded to tap dance on his teacher’s desk. From the earliest of ages, Andy was infected with a passion for music.

An early music prodigy, Andy taught himself to play the piano before 1st grade. By grade school Andy created his first composition. By junior high, while playing a lobby piano, he received his first tip from strangers who mistook Andy as a hired performer. Currently this tip (a dollar bill) sits framed in his studio.

Andy is best known for his innovative approach to live music. This includes his signature technique called “layering.” Through the live combination of several instruments, Andy allows participants to see, hear and feel the creation of his music. At the heart of Andy’s exclusive performance is the fundamental belief music should be experienced as transformational art rather than forgettable entertainment.

Andy fills his days as an artist, producer, and creative leader. He is husband to his beautiful wife Lynsie and father to two bubbly toddlers. Andy credits his successes to the formative adversity of losing his father to a heart attack at age 16. He acknowledges all art is God-breathed and strives to know and follow the historical Jesus.

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