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$26K Raised - World Vision


Recently we had the privilege of seeing friends and family come out for the annual World Vision Christmas Party. World Vision offers a christmas catalogue featuring high-impact gifts to some of the world's poorest. Guests enjoy an evening of top-notch food, music and wine with the opportunity to contribute towards a gift list created in-the-moment by attendees.

Each year we've seen this little party grow and evolve. Lynsie Gridley teamed up with Cathy Smith, Nanette Kinkade, and Chelsea Opheim this past December. This year's party was hosted at Cathy's home with special guest Shamina Khangaldy performing acoustic christmas covers. Mr. Shin from Michi Sushi provided high quality sushi for the night.

We're thankful for a great evening with amazing friends. Alongside some great conversation and good food, the numbers increased again this year to total of $26,862. Men and women now have resources that otherwise would have been difficult for them to realize simply because of their global zip code.