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SOLD OUT - Glow Christmas CD


Recently I had the opportunity to work with a handful of musicians who attend WestGate Church. We were able to put together a Christmas CD in-house with the proceeds going towards clean water. I am new on staff so I had us only order 1000 units as a test. Turns out we sold out within 3 weekends. The total raised was about $8,000. 

I say, "about" because we had some troubles with our credit card swiper (some of us make better musicians than cashiers). One of the cool byproducts of this project is that we ended up performing a lot of these arrangements live during our 5 Christmas Eve services. I noted several comments from people who really appreciated getting to know the songs/arrangements in advance. It seemed to strengthen their participation during services.

The project was actually pretty straight forward. We found arrangements we liked and we put our own spin on them. I had a lot of the arrangements done in Logic and then invited musicians to lay down complimentary tracks. Kevan Long mixed the tracks "in the box" using Logic and several Universal Audio plugins powered via a Satellite Duo. For the songs that were not "public domain" I used LimeLight to pay for the rights to re-record for our intended use.

Here's to Christmas music (and a great collaboration)! Because of this project another village has clean water.